Congratulations on the hbs19-61 multi loop integrated pump body deep ring internal pumping injection mold independently developed and designed by Ningbo Huabao Baishun mold manufacturing Co., Ltd. It won the "2020 first set of Ningbo manufacturing products" award jointly issued by Ningbo Economic and Information Bureau and Ningbo Finance Bureau.

Hbs19-61 multi loop integrated pump body deep ring internal pumping integrated injection mold is used for the integrated pump body of urban heating system, automobile engine thermal cycle and ship thermal cycle exchange system. The traditional pump shell is made of metal materials, with many parts and assembly difficulties. In the actual use process, due to the large alternation of cold and heat, the metal materials are easy to rust, It produces scale, has short service life and poor sealing performance. Therefore, under the technical trend of "replacing steel with plastic", using engineering plastics for one-time injection molding of pump body, using the advantages of engineering plastics to improve the service life and accuracy of molding pump body, has a positive promotion and demonstration significance for the popularization of plastic thermal circulation pump body. The expert group has completed the core pulling of the "hbs19-61 multi loop integrated pump body deep ring and internal pumping integrated injection mold" developed by our company, which is composed of complex deep inner ring, large arc, multi direction and different angle loop oil hole integrated device, and has carried out the production appraisal of new industrial products. The structure of the product is innovative and the technology is advanced. It has obtained one invention patent and one utility model patent. Its deep ring and internal extraction integrated injection molding technology is at the leading level of domestic similar products.

The award is not only a great affirmation and recognition of our R & D, innovation ability and team overall technology, but also an incentive and encouragement to our company, which will further promote the process of independent innovation of our company!