Beauty/bath items sold at Whole Foods?
I just discovered a Whole Foods close to home. I was amazed when I saw the bath and beauty section. So many lines that I'd never seen sold in person before! Of course they had Zia, which I've used ...
by tess
Neiman Marcus Beauty Event Information
Thanks so much for posting this, Dana. I can't wait!!
by lajaboy
Iam a blonde but beauty shop colored it too dark How can I l...
Iam a blonde but beauty shop colored it too dark How can I lighten it?
by Guest
Beauty Quizzes (fun stuff)
A whole slew of beauty quizzes:,12912,263701_408380,00.... Silly but fun. (We won't even talk about my rating on 'Are You A Product Junkie?'.) 8)
by UGeminorum
Another Canadian beauty site
I just stumbled upon this site, which is based in Alberta. They carry PTR, Yon-Ka, and Sundari. Happy shopping. :)
by adoram
Diamond Beauty return policy.....
Any frequent users of this website familiar with their return policy on haircare items....they make no mention of it on the site...tia!
by Gauravnew
Re: Lilah Parsons
She's 18 and was discovered in some party in East London. I like her. She's a real beauty and it seems she's a very versatile model. ...
by jade
Re: Hair color
You might like Complements better, also by Clairol. They have two versions, demi and permanent. I would try the demi one first. Has it's own developer. It's a new colorant, and works faster than the ...
by jhoyd
Re: Best brown home hair dye?
Yep, personally I don't find Feria colors to be natural colors. I did Ginger Zing and ended up with a weird burgundy - not attractive to me. All I'm doing now is covering silver hairs so I use dark ...
by saleen
Gisele is Overrated
'Gisele just isn't 'very pretty' her face has a masculine look in many of the shots, although she does have a model look about her. Still she made $12 million dollars last year alone and I wonder if ...
by biddy
Re: Would like to buy revlon flex shampoo and conditioner from s...
... thanks jade...i was also wondering the uk has so many items that have been discontinued in the USA *beauty products) but i cannot find a website that will ship to the USA. any ideas or websites? ...
by nmmary
Re: Where can I buy Revlon Eterna 27 6 oz
I think you can find it on the internet. Is this what you were looking for:
by jade
New Foundations....... .
In September's W magazine there is an article called 'Bases Loaded' Foundation, that old faithful beauty tool, is back with a vengenance, and it's never looked better. Mentioned in this article and ...
by orosso
Re: Ushuaia
Ushuaia beauty products are usually marketed in Europe but not North America. May be you could find it on line in french speaking sites?
by jade
Re: PTR at Ulta - is it worth it?
... re priced. This is one of PTR's best products, IMO. It's gentle enough to use daily and often makes beauty editors' 'best of' lists. I've used this as a toner. It's a ...
by salibello
Re: Products Im loving at the moment...(Reviews)
... and I don't really consider it to be a wrinkle if that makes sense. Grocery stores sell health and beauty aids, right? Maybe it would be cheaper ...
by salasium
Gene Shacove
Who else remembers Gene Shacove, the muse for Shampoo? There is a great article about him in the August Allure. Shacove is known for created a softer hair look in the 1970s getting away from the ...
by lucis
Re: BB Shimmer Glosses...
Another AFer and I went shopping at NM earlier this past week and she told me how much she liked Burnt Sugar. We had a hard time finding this in the display since it was literally buried among all ...
by jugherffere
Re: Looking for eyelash conditioner like Talika
I recently bought a REALLY cheap version at Sally's Beauty Supply. It is by Claudia Stevens Eyelash Thickener. It is a conditioner that you apply like the Talika. It costs something like $3.99 for a ...
by jhoyd
Re: Question for other models on the forum - What is your workou...
Ford models agency has a few videos on the web of models' beauty and workout tips. Check it up:
by jade
Re: I am short 5.2 but beautiful and skinny and was wondering wh...
I guess you can forget about cat walk ;) . But I think you could do print modeling. Not necessarily fashion modeling. Beauty care, shoes, accessories, all kinds of lifestyle products etc.
by jade
What to buy in London?
Hello! My boyfriend is flying to London next week. I'd like him to bring me some make-up/beauty/fashion stuff, but I don't know what. You guys already helped me very much in the past, so I wanted to ...
by Glutomoto
Re: Whats Your Favorite Body Butter Cream?
Beauty Bliss' Coconut Cream Pie cream - thick and rich and smells so yummy..... Dana in DE
by adoram
Re: Two great red glosses
You can get the matching lipstick in beauty supply stores that carry the polishes. EMiriamD 'I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year's fashions.' Lillian Hellman to House Un-American ...
by lajaboy
Re: My Stuff.
Cool thread idea. Beauty Products: Lipstick: L'Oreal Mascara: L'Oreal Shampoo: Redken Moisturizer: L'Oreal Hair Product: Salon Selectives Control Substance molding putty Perfume/Cologne: Anything ...
by masterstroy
Re: What is the best light brown hair color brand to use? I'm 62 and have total...
I don't dye my hair but I found a good comparison here:
by jade
Ah, The Movie World. A World of Complete Fantasy.....
In real life, WASP's don't marry Greeks (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) And they would NEVER run away from home to 'seek truth, beauty and the authentic' (Igby Goes Down)
by myoffe
Re: I to have been looking for enjoli cologne and cannt find it . I use to be a...
Did you try buying it online? I found it here:
by jade
Re: I'm gonna kill myself this week i'm sick of my life
You're sick of your life? Change them! As long as there's life there's hope. Making a change can get beauty and love into your life. Killing yourself will end everything.
by jade
Found a good review of the best products on the market. Here it is:
by jade
S/S 2010 ankle socks and stiletto's? I just can't see the be...
S/S 2010 ankle socks and stiletto's? I just can't see the beauty :-(
by Guest
Elites newest face - Iran
I was browsing and came across this beauty - Iran ...
by Todd
Fashion Website Update - Fashion Week of the Americas 2003 Edition
For all those interested in the latest in Latin American Fashion: The official site of Fashion Week of the Americas 2003 Edition is up with a monthly newsletter and an online merchandise store. ...
by eleazar
Re: What to do in NYC???
Let's see: Definitely get to the Lower East Side and Orchard Street for Makeupmania, the friendliest nicest place for AF related goodies in all of NYC IMO, Grace handbags a few doors up toward ...
by davidlpf
I SWEAR this hair straightener iron works!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have always had curly/almost frizzy hair. But I have always wanted model straight hair. I have actually had dreams in which I was brushing my long silky straight locks. I was talking to the lady ...
by lucis
Re: Hot Wax
... n. I do my upper lip 2 or 3 times/year and use Kenra Micro-Tweeze, which I bought for about $3 at a beauty supply store. Occasionally, I'll have it done in a salon if I'm splurging. After ...
by chanderdevgun
Re: Makeup for my Wedding
I think some of the wedding magazines usually have a beauty page or two on makeup for brides...perhaps there is a photo in one or two of these mags that you like, and you could take that pic with you ...
by chanderdevgun
Re: Liquid filled swabs
Thanks...I've seen some of these in Walgreens but didn't think to look for the first aid ones. My kid would love the novelty of these and would cooperate more than he would for a regular first aid ...
by Glutomoto
Re: Japanese Fashion Magazines?
For those in the Atlanta, Georgia USA area, check out Iwase in the Friday's Plaza at Tilly Mill and Peachtree Industrial. Probaby a dozen or so fashion/beauty/teen titles there.
by IR16471

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