Seeing undies through white dress
does anyone know any specific type of underwear which would gaurantee your underwear will not show through a white dress ? also, what colors should these be ?
by eleazar
Anyone have a link I can by a Kirrily Johnston Barrel Dress?
Anyone have a link I can by a Kirrily Johnston Barrel Dress?
by Guest
Help me choose a dress according to my bodytype
Hi Does anyone know where I can find lists of bodytypes coordinated with dress cuts that they should wear? Thanks
by Lillie
Re: Whats your most memorable outfit?
My wedding dress that took me 6 months to make. All sequins and beads were hand sewn on lace and then hand sewn on white satin. All materials cost me $600 with enough leftovers to make 2 flower girl ...
by HowardRoarkLOL
Re: A fashion emergency...
Lisa what I would suggest is perhaps do a carryone of a top and pants or a dress that has something really stellar about it (sequins, beading.. lacy) and change as you leave the plane in the restroom ...
by Sticks
Re: Scruffy Teachers (worst-dressed professionals)
I'm an elementary school teacher and I always dress in a 'business casual' type of clothing to school. Slacks and a sweater, skirt and twinset - these are the staples. Chico's and similar comfortable ...
by eleazar
Stockings for wedding day - what colour?!
Hello ! I am getting married in NOvember, I have an Ivory dress, with a sort of sparkly off white organza sleeves/waist band, and was wondering, what colour tights/stockings do you wear with a ...
by UGeminorum
Re: Comfortable shoes for work/walking
... eph Seibels, Nordstrom Comfort Construction, Enzo Angiolinis, and Eccos. If I have to wear *really* dressy shoes to work, I like Bandolinos, Bally, Joan and David, Charles David, NaNa (depending on ...
by Linda2
Re: School Bans Dreadlocked Student
What the hell does diversity have to do with any of this? The 'Dress Nazis' also exist in such places as NYC, Miami, Long Beach CA, Philadelphia, etc. And, I thought Whitefish was a very nice, ...
by RogerReinsmith
Re: Winona Ryders Inappropriate Courtroom Attire
and it's not a party dress. it's that marc jacobs dress from last fall. tracy ullman wore it one morning on the today show; her's had white trim. i really coveted that dress.
by HowardRoarkLOL
Black tie and Denim
Hi all Can someone confirm what 'black tie and denim' dress code means? I managed to find one reference on the web describing it as a tux jacket with jeans. I found loads of references to 'diamonds ...
by Mirakopl
What i thrifted today
(two shops, four hours of digging) Chico's rayon animal print tank dress (perfect condition) $5. Unauthenticated Kate Spade Sam bag in black wool herringbone w/ black microfiber straps (perfect ...
by Hectic Skeptic
Lace, Ruffles Fill New York Fashion Runways
Lace, Ruffles Fill New York Fashion Runways By Ellen Wulfhorst Reuters September 19, 2002 NEW YORK (Reuters) - Feminine lace and frilly flounces filled New York's fashion show runways on Wednesday, ...
by Lily Evans
Re: Miami Herald Mens Fashion Article
Yes, I agree with the article. It's time for guys to dress as they choose, or let them wear what is comfortable to them. Why should all men have to dress alike? It's time to let them have a choice, ...
by Euler
Re: Bally fall shoe collection
Thanks for posting the link, Evie. Those shoes are gorgeous, and I like the bag, too. I just read the WSJ article about pointy toed shoes. I _suppose_ someone who is used to toothpick toed shoes ...
by kdavis004
Re: Carmen Miranda/latin/trop ical Skirt
I just saw such a dress in a Lord and Taylor ad for a Betsey Johnson red dress in the latest Marie Claire.
by Bluewolf027
Re: Random thoughts on Emmy fashion
I didn't get to watch, but I had to check out pictures online. I really liked Jennifer's outfit; she did look gorgeous but is that so hard for her? I *hate* Brad's appearance, though. He's such a ...
by saleen
Rant: Rude Fashion Magazine Editors
Dear Mary: My boss is bright, organized, and kind, but she tries to dress like a 20-year-old and she's pushing 40. Everyone makes fun of her behind her back and as a result I don't think she's well ...
by adoram
Father/son clothing
Where might I find matching dress shirts, polo shorts and/or sweaters for a father and a toddler son?
by Shirley Powell
Re: Color eye shadow - when and why?
... match, you just want to make sure it doesn't clash. For instance, if you're wearing an olive green dress, that wouldn't be the day to wear a blue eye shadow look, you might try bronze instead. ...
by Udo
Re: Review of Maybelline brow gel
I agree. I like the MAC Sophisticated for dress-up, but the clear Maybelline brow gel is the one I use for every day. Linda C.
by IR16471
Re: Prescient purchases
The fabric and dress sound gorgeous. I love embroidered fabric. I am currently eyeing an Anthropologie pink sweater with embroidery on it.
by IR16471
Re: Dressy casual?
Dressy casual is the way I dress practically every day. Although I work, I am in a field that allows me to dress in a way that expresses my personality, and that is dressy casual! I am likely to be ...
by Squirm-Karamoon
The Reunion: what it took to get me there
Here's the low-down on the Reunion, what I wore, what I did. Another post will cover the Reunion itself (as that will be a bit more off-topic) What I did for prep: Several months of 3x a week at the ...
by lucis
Re: Updating the wardrobe without buying new stuff?
... d black linen sheath that I wear with a black linen jacket. I feel comfortable wearing the jacket + dress to church ...
by Stgruppka
Great pedicure and eyebrow wax today
! My toes look I love that color. I have a pedicure tomorrow actually and plan to bring my bottle of that color. It will go very well with a bridesmaids dress I'm wearing next weekend.
by adoram
Elle Magazine.
... is on the cover, in a very similar pose to her other previous ELLE covers. Not too sure I like her dress (silk turquoise gown with ...
by newpiknicker
Re: Career Clothes Charity
Dress for Success, I think.
by pranab
Re: Family photo help
I'm looking at a little picture I have with me and we're all wearing different items, but it goes together really well (we didn't even plan a color scheme, either). It's a professional photo of us ...
by salibello
Meeting with Mariah...nothing to wear!!!!!! Help!
... what I'm going to wear...I'm assuming it's 'trendy casual' enviornment. I'm sure we don't have to 'dress up' but ...
by Hectic Skeptic
I have been invited for afternoon tea at the Ritz and don't ...
I have been invited for afternoon tea at the Ritz and don't know what to wear?!? I know jeans are out but how casual or not should I dress?
by Guest
Re: PR: Outfits from Latest Emmy Awards Show Up for Auction
I would think her dress would be more like Habitat for Humanity.
by Waspie_Dwarf
Model Sophie Anderton kicked off London Fashion Week!
Sophie's Not-So Model Behaviour September 14, 2002 Model Sophie Anderton kicked off London Fashion Week by being kicked out of an after-show party. Stunned guests at the exclusive Mayfair Club looked ...
by newpiknicker
OT: Drapes
i just bought a house, and the curtains were part of the deal. i'd like to dress them up a bit by adding some trim along in the inner edge, where the 2 panels meet. does anyone know a good discount ...
by davidlpf
Re: Marc Jacob dresses
Product placement fees being paid or not, if only the maker of the dress was substituted in the book and not the price, then your theory doesn't hold true for $100 for a Marc Jacobs dress is not ...
by adoram
Consignment Shop help.
... I'd take them to a consignment shop. Ebay makes me afraid - especially after I just tried selling a dress and the person never paid me for it and Ebay charged me $8 for a transaction ...
by miromc
A True Original
christian dior hc2.jpg
... he likes, the difference being, is that Fifi is really a drawing of a rabbit. Next to the actually dress posted, there is always a drawing of Fifi wearing that very same dress. I love the concept. ...
by Dawn
Coco Chanel Quotes
"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." - Coco Chanel I suppose that is true, but on the other hand just the thought of always being different and never being able to blend into ...
by Dawn
Hello Mix & Match
Oscar de larenta
... ough I do wear pants most of the time for practical reasons I do love wearing the way more feminine dresses and skirts, dresses of course being the way preferred girly girl garment. At one point, ...
by Dawn

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