What is your routine for extremely oily skin?
I'm interested in finding out what others with extremely oily skin do to keep there complexions looking great. If you have just slightly oily skin I don't want to here from you. My skin just seems ...
by cosmovision
Whats a recommended Skin care product containing DMAE?
Hi, I'm curious as to the thoughts and past experiences those of you have had with facial skin care products containing DMAE, vitamin C Ester, Alpha lipoic acid. What would you recommend and do they ...
by heavyhauler
Decleor sensitive skin products?
Has anyone tried the various Decleor products for sensitive/reactive skin (i.e., the harmonie line)? Specifically, the harmonie douce cleanser, the rose d'orient oil, and the various moisturizers ...
by HowardRoarkLOL
Allergies to Skin creams
Anyone got any suggestion what to use for my daughter. She is allergic to Lanolin based creams. We are going to try oatmeal as a face wash/ scrub. any ideas on how to use
by Squirm-Karamoon
Topical caffeine may lower skin cancer risk, MSNBC/AP article
... cle in the paper today and my daughter and I decided we were going to be the first ones to invent a skin cream with caffeine :) Now it looks as though someone already has. I expect soon suntan ...
by tess
ISO perfect skin via foundation - Chantecaille?
Okay, so perfect skin probably doesn't come from a bottle of foundation. But what do you do when you want to tone down redness, cover little broken capillaries and the odd pimple? My experience with ...
by miromc
Is there any way to tighten neck skin besides surgery?
My guess is, not really. However, I am curious about those of you on the Perricone system
by Tradingsfuture
Your favorite <email> foundation for 40+ skin?
I have dry skin with oily t-zone. PLEASE include in your pic's 1) what color base it is (peach? yellow?) 2) if it settles in pores and 3) describe coverage
by Freek
What over counter skin cream has DMAE in it .
What over counter skin cream has DMAE in it .
by Guest
Whats the remedy for large pores?I have too oily skin on T z...
whats the remedy for large pores?I have too oily skin on T zone.
by Guest
Skin bronzing question
Which skin bronzing product do you have the most success with? What about the herbal based ones? I'm thinking about having it done with a misting system at a local shop, but was wondering if the ...
by Linda2
Skin Eternal/DMAE in Europe
Does anyone know anywhere in Europe that stocks any of: a) Skin Eternal b) liquid DMAE c) Skinbio stuff (CP Serum etc.) Reason being in England if your orders not from an EU country, you get charged ...
by freeringtoness
Can you recommend a face wash for dry skin? I can't seem to ...
Can you recommend a face wash for dry skin? I can't seem to find one that doesn't dry my skin out even more.
by Guest
Re: Diluting hair color to refresh ea. mth?
... colors blue from black and fawn from red are considered color-diluted,Color dilution alopecia is a skin condition that affects a large number of color-diluted,the alopecia is permanent, and the goal ...
by jasikajack
Re: Loreal Feria VS Loreal Excellence
... rsh on my hair (and I've had no problems coloring it off and on for the last 15 yrs) and stained my skin (near my hairline, neck, ears) *very* badly, and anywhere ...
by javiera
Re: Lilah Parsons
I like the combination of dark hair blue eyes and pale skin.
by jade
Re: Chipping Nail Polish Help!
I always swipe my nails with a cotton pad saturated with rubbing alcohol before applying base coat, to remove any stray skin oils that may be lurking. That seems to help.
by Lily Evans
Re: Best brown home hair dye?
... hairline right above my ear. Actually, I think what happened was I wiped the color away so that my skin wouldn't get stained. Now I have ...
by Waspie_Dwarf
Re: Favorite Lemming item(s)......
*Revlon Color Lock *OoO Complete Radiance powder foundation *MAC foundation brush (waving to Diane H.) *the aspirin mask (waving to Diane H. again) *Neutrogena Healthy Skin moisturizer *FACE ...
by salasium
Re: What makeup are you wearing today?
*Avon Clear Finish m/w Oxy 5% bpo for better color match and to help treat my skin at the same time, *little FACE Stockholm pressed powder in t-zone, *BBell Gear Plum Girlie e/s duo (one of their ...
by Glutomoto
Re: Clogged pores on nose
... squeeze my pores and do a deep facial after all that sweating it really helps the appearance of my skin. I think to many people focus on the outward symptoms ...
by cgyod
Re: Agnes B catalog
I have ordered a few times and only had one bad experience. One of the items I ordered was out of stock and I was told they would ship it as soon as it came in. Literally, a few months went by, they ...
by saleen
Re: Mojave Magic Cover Girl Lipstick
I have tried Mojave Magic line. I have light olive skin and that bronzer is not for everyone even though they say it is. It turns orangey and looks like mud. Even with a light hand it is awful. ...
by Ujdsmef
Re: Illuminare questions. HELP!
... about the foundation problems you are having, but I might be able to help with the oily/dehydrated skin thing. And once you have that licked, you might have better luck with the makeup. My skin is ...
by Tradingsfuture
Re: New Foundations....... .
... ent foundation color groups within the line and one is specifically for Latin aka more yellow toned skin types as well as some truly dark ...
by Bluewolf027
Re: Asprin face mask
Evelyn Dissolve 5-6 uncoated aspirin in a small amount of water to make a paste to apply to your skin. I pat in on in a circular motion. I take it off in about 10 minutes but don't know if this is ...
by pranab
I have clogged pores on my cheek and between my eyebrows wha...
i have clogged pores on my cheek and between my eyebrows what can i do to get rid of it? i am a male with oily skin type
by Guest
Re: PTR at Ulta - is it worth it?
I can't help with this because I have no idea how mini's are priced. This is one of PTR's best products, IMO. It's gentle enough to use daily and often makes beauty editors' 'best of' lists. I've ...
by salibello
Re: Beauty/bath items sold at Whole Foods?
I am absolutely addicted to Burt's Bees Lavender Mint toothpaste. Another good thing is Pacifica Cucumber Cooling Body Butter, it's the most cucumber-y body cream I have ever tried. I also love the ...
by Freek
Re: Maria Schriver....what shape is her face?
i believe your correct! she has NO FAT on her face, which leaves only skin and bones!
by IR16471
Re: Products Im loving at the moment...(Reviews)
... tried several sample packs of it for about a week and didn't see any improvements on my 24-year-old skin. I have these stubborn laugh lines around my mouth that I have yet to find miracle cream to ...
by Julie
CG AquaSmooth, Round 2
Previously, I'd posted how this foundation just didn't work for me. While packing for the weekend away, I heard the compact calling my name, so I decided to give it another shot. While I thought it ...
by Stgruppka
Are you still tan?
My face and arms tend to be tan year round even though I use sunscreen daily. I'm outdoors a lot, walking, gardening etc. so I always have a bit of color on my medium olive skin.
by masterstroy
MAC Face and Body foundation
... ut it before I decide to purchase..Is there a shade in this that is good for someone with very fair skin with pinkish undertones? I looked at the ...
by Glutomoto
Re: What *makeup* are you wearing today?
Going for a subtle glow-y skin / soft red lip look: OoO tinted moisturizer in Fair MAC Select Cover in NW20 under eyes Versace Extra Glow loose powder MAC Nylon eyeshadow lightly over cheekbones and ...
by Glutomoto
Re: Dr Sha
hmmm .. most of the products are at least S$80+ ... the masks are over S$100+ .. really going to burn a BIG hole in my pocket if i am going to invest in this brand :( .. so sad i am already in my ...
by Stgruppka
Re: Anyone tried the new Paulas Choice 2% BHA Lotion
I didn't know it had almond oil! It's not breaking me out. I love the 2% BHA, and have used it for over a year. Wonderful stuff. But I couldn't use it in the AM because of the oily feeling texture. ...
by mystry
Re: Face creams - Santa Maria Novella
... seaweed cream???? that is supposedly her version for less. i personally love the bonnie holmes pure skin balm and will most likely buy that ...
by Mirakopl
Dark Gold-Brown hair Dye???
... hair color? Ive been using Hydrience 'Sable Cove.' But its too reddish. I have no natural red in my skin or hair, Im all gold tones. Hydrience 'Golden Bay' is too light. I could mix 'Golden Bay' with ...
by chanderdevgun
Re: Looking for eyelash conditioner like Talika
I recently bought a REALLY cheap version at Sally's Beauty Supply. It is by Claudia Stevens Eyelash Thickener. It is a conditioner that you apply like the Talika. It costs something like $3.99 for a ...
by jhoyd

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